Past Sales & Events

Great home filled with many years of treasures - jewelry, art, lps, furn, clothing, more!

Saturday 08/29 11:00 AM to Sunday 08/30 5:00 PM
Berkeley, CA 94705

Total Estate Liquidation Sale!

Saturday & Sunday 8/29 & 8/30 11 am - 5 pm

2950 Russell Street

Berkeley (zip 94705 - off Ashby below the Claremont Hotel)

Home of UC Berkeley professionals - multi-generational collection of great items!

Covid precautions will be taken: temperature check at the door, waiver release form to be signed, hand sanitizer (or gloves) used, and social distancing practiced. We will let in the right amount to shop safely and then it will be 1 person in when 1 leaves. It will be worth the precautions and the wait - please bring your patience.

Terrific contents include the following:

Jewelry: Fine jewelry, antique and vintage costume, sterling, some tribal, some amber.

Art: Original oils on canvas by listed artists (incl. Jack Laycox), etchings, lithos, nice collectible.

Furniture: Mid century tall boy and low boy dressers, bed with attached end tables, small octagonal occasional tables, 1970's upholstered sofa, contemporary chairs, wooden small file cabinets, desk, hope chest, small rolltop desk & 1970's chairs.

Clothing/Textiles: Women's and men's contemporary as well as vintage 1960's-'80's with some tribal. Vintage furs, wedding dress, men's vintage hats & ties. Large area rugs, some tribal textiles and collectible (paisley).

Ephemera: Books collected on travel, local & fiction including early, ephemera (postcards) from 1920's-'40's.

Decorative/collectibles/home decor/kitchenware: Sterling holloware, interesting and unique vintage and antique collectibles, beautiful and early bookends, bedding, & pillows. Kitchenware incl. vintage 1950's bakeware, collectible bowls, china (Royal Doulton), gold flatware, collectible glassware, Christmas china. Vintage fountain pens, some red line hotwheels (poor condition), Aeronsonic spinet piano.

Electronics/Lp's/Cameras: Vintage lps (approx 150) mostly classical, some early Jazz and Blues. Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble II, Sansui 771 receiver, vintage cameras and binoculars, keyboard.

Lighting: Martz lamp, desk lamps and tall lamps.

Other: Vintage camping, hand tools, yard and garden implements, garage with some hardware. CD's, games, frames, hardware, office equipment, vacuum cleaners, tvs, medical equipment and wheelchairs.

Cash, credit card, venmo & paypal are accepted, house is secured and alarmed, please do not disturb occupants. Please note that VALUABLES are taken OFF SITE and brought back day of sale. Live feed security monitors are used on the premises. You must carry out your own purchases including small & large pieces of furniture (we also recommend Lugg).

Please respect neighborhood parking. PLEASE PARK LEGALLY & SAFELY! Enter from Ashby Av (2 different ways).

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