Just wanted to call and say thank you for your services and all of your hard work. I did speak with (the Executrix) at length today and I told her… read more
J. Burkhardt, Legacy Realty 2013
Kathy, Wow! What an amazing total! Thanks for letting us know. We really appreciate your help, and I love hearing about the neighbors gathering; I hope they found "treasures" to… read more
M. Jordan, Kensington Executrix, August 2015
You're always so warm and gracious, whether I buy something or not. I always like coming to your sales.
Frequent TEL estate sale shopper, 2015
Dear Kathy, Thank you for your help. You have done a great job.
Executor, El Cerrito Hills estate July 2015
Thanks Kathy, Today I received the packet with the check. Thanks so much for executing a strong estate sale for us. From my perspective you and your team did well… read more
Executors, El Sobrante Estate June 2015