Dear Kathy, I will share your letter and accounting of the estate sale today. Thank you for taking care with R. and her possessions in the house. Thank you again.…
Orinda Executrix June 2015
Hi Kathy! These numbers are fantastic, what a success! My dad and I are so delighted, thank you again for being in this business. We will for sure stay in… read more
Oakland Hills Executrix, June 2015
Kathy, thank you for this list and for all your work, expertise, kindness, flexibility and artful intuition. You have been nothing less than a godsend in the midst of this… read more
S. Shaw, Oakland Hills Executrix June 2015
Hi Kathy, Your package arrived on time and I was delighted to see how you accounted for items and that you got good prices. John had a lot of things… read more
D. Fikert, Richmond Annex Executrix, April 2015
Hi Kathy, I arrived home today and want to thank you for the wonderful job you did in selling many of John's things. He did have a lot, didn't he!… read more
Richmond Annex Executrix, April 2015