Kathy – thanks again for your patience, on top of your Herculean efforts regarding the estate sale and its aftermath. I continue to be so grateful for your expertise, which… read more
Executor, Berkeley Hills Estate
Many thanks again for your skill, thoughtful staff, and confidence in the value of the materials. And for your intense hard work. I hope you consider last weekend to be…
Executor, Berkeley Hills Sale February 2022
Hi Again Kathy, Thank you for all the hard work and for taking on this difficult hill job on the very challenging street with impossible parking. You are a great… read more
Executor, Berkeley Hills Buy Out / Clear Out, September 2021
Wow! That was a lot more than I expected. Thank you so much! I honestly didn't know what I would have done. I didn't know what to do and you…
Executor, El Sobrante, September 2021
You really did an amazing job. I'm just so pleased with all that you accomplished and so glad that you were recommended to me so highly. My brother will be… read more
Executor, Berkeley Sale, September 2021