Kathy, thank you for this list and for all your work, expertise, kindness, flexibility and artful intuition. You have been nothing less than a godsend in the midst of this… read more
S. Shaw, Oakland Hills Executrix June 2015
Hi Kathy, Your package arrived on time and I was delighted to see how you accounted for items and that you got good prices. John had a lot of things… read more
D. Fikert, Richmond Annex Executrix, April 2015
Hi Kathy, I arrived home today and want to thank you for the wonderful job you did in selling many of John's things. He did have a lot, didn't he!… read more
Richmond Annex Executrix, April 2015
Hi Kathy, Once again, to let you know that I received the check for the tools. Thank you for your assistance. I know you did the best job possible and… read more
Berkeley Hills Executrix, April 2015
We always love coming to my father's favorite store in Berkeley!
Anonymous, 2015