Hi Kathy, I arrived home today and want to thank you for the wonderful job you did in selling many of John's things. He did have a lot, didn't he!… read more
Richmond Annex Executrix, April 2015
Hi Kathy, Once again, to let you know that I received the check for the tools. Thank you for your assistance. I know you did the best job possible and… read more
Berkeley Hills Executrix, April 2015
We always love coming to my father's favorite store in Berkeley!
Anonymous, 2015
Thanks again for the consult - you have a calming and caring and knowledgeable presence:)
April 2015 Executrix, Albany
Hi Kathy, It was fun to look at the sales books. Thanks for doing such a great job! We couldn't believe how much over our expected gross you netted for…
Kensington Executrix, November 2014