Dear Kathy: I must apologize for not saying "thank you so very much" for a stellar and efficient job! You truly made my life much easier and lessen(ed) the stress… read more
Prof. P. Walton, February 2011
Kathy: Thank you so much for your great work on the Estate Sale and for arranging for clear-out of the remaining items. It has been a pleasure to work with… read more
J. Dell, February 2011
Dear Kathy: We were very pleased with the prompt and excellent service you provided. We realize that it was a big and time consuming job to arrange the sale and… read more
L. & R. Stafford, San Francisco November 2011
Kathy, I want to thank you very much for the hard work you, Paul, Maggie and Peggy put in trying to make my Estate Sale a success. With my retirement… read more
B. Wheeler, Exccutor, Pleasanton 2010
...just wanted to congratulate you on selling the red Solara. That was very prompt and it's amazing that you were able to accomplish that so quickly. The price sounds good… read more
Executrix, Oakland Hills 2011